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First Last Acad Title
Malini Basu FL Detecting Dopamine and Ascorbic Acid via Voltammetry with Carbon Electrodes
Elizabeth Feldman FL DNA Barcoding Identifies a Single Species of Notorynchus cepedianus
Nicole Odzer FL The Effect of The Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Naphthalene on P. divaricate
Rachel Mehmert IA Rhizobia: The Future Natural Fertilizer of Leguminous Plants
Tianxin Xu IA How Do Common Household Chemicals Affect the Growth of Wisconsin Fast Plants





IMSA APP and AβO Concentrations are Connected in Developing Chicken Embryos
Ashu Gupta IMSA Fabrication of a Methane Sensor by ZnO Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes
Joshua Isaacson IN Classification of Basal Cell Carcinoma from Benign Tumors Using Machine Learning
Alicia Porile IN Possible Effects of Altered g Forces on Behavior and Regeneration of Planarians
Maureen Botros KS Illumi-cize Reinvented
Andrea Dahl KS The Effect of Distance on the Variation in Vocalizations of Antarctic Penguin
Bryce DeBok KS How Temperature Affects the Performance of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Jorja Elliott KS Is Name Brand Best?
Sydney Koirth KS Distracted Driving





KS Gamma Radiation Shielding Materials





KY Electrospinning Nanodiamond Fiber Patches for the Prevention of Secondary Myocar







KY Optimization of Hybrid Capacitors: Role of Electrode Composition and Surface Area
Praharshasai Paladugu KY Urolithin A Inhibits Pro-inflammatory Mediators Through Histone deacetylase Pathway
Sanjana Rane KY The Role of NF-E2 as a DAMP Released During Acrolein Induced Renal Fibrosis





MA The Removal of Aqueous Fluoride Ions through the Implementation of Metal Oxides
Aishwarrya Arivudainambi MA Effects of Curcumin and Piperine on Embryological Development in Danio rerio
Sophia AuDuong MA Dimethylsulfoniopropionate, a Cryoprotectant in Marine Ciliates?
Shadi Bavar MA Designing a Debris-Resistant Hydrokinetic Turbine
Joseph Dello Russo MA Effect of Trans, trans-2 4-Decadienal on Invertebrate Reproduction
Mariam Dogar MA The Effect of Taurine on Memory Retention in D. dorotocephala
Jacqueline Forson MA The Fault in Our Sea Stars: Analyzing Sea Star Wasting Disease in A.forbesi
Julie Goldberg MA The Effect of Biostimulation Oil Spill Collection on Winter Rye
Tiernan Kennedy MA The Effect of Infrasound Exposure on Drosophila melanogaster
Yashaswini Makaram MA The Phoney Lift: Using Accelerometers to Identify People
Amol Punjabi MA ViaPocket: A New High-Accuracy Druggability Predictor
Bijan Rosen MA The neural basis of parental care in the poisonous devil frog
Christine Schremp MA Plastic Pollution's Effect on Aquatic Organisms
Katherine Schweikert MA Nuts to 9-1-1: The Use-Activated Emergency Alert System for the EpiPen
Linnea Warburton MA Mapping the Spread of Invasive Plants by UAV
Emily Zhang MA The Causation of Glitches in Pulsars
Brandon Kasprick MN Multi-Level Prevention of Rhizoctonia solani infestation in Beta vulgaris
Kit Fieldhouse MT A Method to Identify Stars for Transit Followup for the Minerva telescope array
Jeremy Heng MT Analysis of a Bacteriophage Induced From Acinetobacter baumannii 19606
Treena Chaudhuri NC Modeling How Intervention Can Limit the Spread of Ebola Virus
Emma Christensen NC Go Toward the Light: Using the DGRP in a Study of Light Addiction
Anne Davis NC Effects of Conductivity and Nutrients on Phytoplankton in Lake Mattamuskeet
Charles Maus NC Dirty and Dangerous Energy





NC Electroantennogram Assays to Determine Kudzu Bug Response to [E]-2-Hexenal





NC Evaluation of VOC producing Diaporthe sp. for enzyme production
Tyler Djernes NE Using Amaranthus retroflexus L. & Datura stramonium to Produce Ethanol





NE Which Fertilizer Works The Best
Jill Gathje NE The Effect of 0.05 mg of Vitamin D3 on Inhibition of the T2 Coliphage





NE Heating Devices and Temperature-Regulating Sensors Stabilize Temperatures in Flight Pods
Marcella Jurotich NE The Effect of a Riparian Buffer on Water Quality in an Agricultural Stream
Coleman Kneifl NE The Effect of Manure Microbes on the Growth of the Goss's Wilt Inoculum
Brooke Mott NE Oiled Up: An Environmental Study
Jonah Peterson NE The Survival of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG ATC53103 in a Simulated Teen GI Tract
Courtney Smith NE The Effect of All-trans Retinoic Acid on Macro. Polar
Levi Woodward NE The Power of Hydraulics





NH Axenic Culture and Histological Analysis of Cypripedium parviflorum
Ethan Adner NH Increased Levels of Kynurenic Acid Lead to Changes in Fear Learning: Implications for PTSD





NH Axenic Seed Culture of Cypripedium arietinum
Callie Cinque NH Can I Trust You? Exploring How Gender and Familiarity Affect Trust





NH Propagation of the Showy Lady's Slipper





NH Improving In vitro Propagation of Cypripedium parviflorum





NH Propogation and Histology of the Showy Lady's Slipper





NH Cultivation of Cyprepedium reginae Through Hydroponic Systems
Sarah Nichols NH Analyzing 17β-Estradiol Production in Ovarian and Muscle Cancer cells for PNS
Nivetha Karthikeyan NJ Predicting Power Outputs of Wind Turbines on Highways
Jarrett Liang NJ A Novel Self-Shifting Transmission to Improve Conventional Drive Trains
Vivian Qiang NJ A Hybrid Solar Thermal Collector Design for Residential Use
Sarah Vicol NJ The Effect of Bilingualism on the Multitasking Ability of Adolescents
Rachel Weinstein NJ Maximizing the Efficacy of Gibberellic Acid to Increase Growth in A. thaliana
Ryan Berger NY Mechanisms for Adaptation in a Plant Species Native to Urbanized Estuaries
Ryan Burczak NY Potential Role of BTK-52 in Aggressive Breast Cancer
Nicholas Cline NY The Effect of Toxic Metal Exposure on Blood Pressure in Children
Caroline Goldberg NY Optimizing Conditions for the Yield of One Side Bound IgG Protein Compounds
Thomas Harvey NY Label-Free Fluorescence Spectroscopy Detecting Alzheimer's in Mouse Brains
Axel Heinemann NY To Identify Small Molecules that Stimulate Appendage Tissue Regeneration
Saskia Heinemann NY Studies on the Role of PTP1B During Tissue Regeneration
Sasha Israel NY The Effect on Fetuin-A on the Polarization of Macrophages in a Mouse Cell Line
Olga Ivleva NY Analysis of Munc-18 Epilepsy-Associated Point Mutations in C. elegans
Itamar Mandelzis NY Impact of External Influence on Interpersonal Communication
Ben-Ami Shafer-Sull NY Modulation of Signal Transduction for Accelerated Induced Pluripotency
Gabriel Sokoloff NY The Role of the Centriole in Hair-Cell Development in the Zebrafish Lateral Line
Bram Sturley NY Assessing the role of FtsZ in Bacterial Pathogenicity
Malaika Swaminathan-Sipp NY ATRX Regulates Expression of Zinc-Finger Proteins in Human Astrocytes
Sunghoon Yoon NY KLK6 and KLK7 are Potential Early Detection Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer





OH The Effect of 1.5 Years of Space Exposure on Optical Properties of Polymers





OH CNCC Ablation and Prenatal Ethanol Exposure Result in Like Cardiac Defects
Debolina Ghosh OH Respiratory Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Rett Syndrome
Aditya Jog OH Electrowetting for Variable Focus Liquid Lenses
Maaryah Malik OH Cell Cycle and DNA Damage in an Rb/E2F1 Model Related to Alzheimer's Disease
Abigail Myers OH Aquatic Oil Spill Clean-Up in Non-Quiescent Conditions
Faith Myers OH Flame Temperatures in Wood Burning Fires: Hardwood vs. Softwood
Srinath Seshadri OH Cloning and Sequencing of the Lacc2 Laccase Gene from P. ostreatus
Wesley Wolf OH A Comparison of Hand Cleansers' Abilities to Decrease Bacterial Contamination
Drew Brown OK The Effects of Chelation Therapy on Catalase Activity
McKalee Steen OK The Heavy Metal Movement Phase II
Maddison Fitch PA Strengthen Materials vs. Unstrengthened Materials
Amy Li PA Response of A. gerardii to AMF in the Context of Phytoremediation
James Olsen PA Design and Synthesis of Novel Antimalarial Compounds
Shannon Chen SoCA Airship Hull Optimization Using ANN & CFD Simulations
Ji Yu (Judy) Kim SoCA Cardiac MRI Based Investigation of Acute Infarct Size vs. Long-term Measurements
Hayden Kirschbaum SoCA Feeding Ecology and Range Expansion of Nonnative P. siculus in Urban CA
Benjamin Liu SoCA A Novel Spiral Microfluidic Device for Urinalysis
Vick Liu SoCA An Enhanced Blood Smear featuring MicroVortex Technology and Image Analysis
Brandon Ng SoCA To Create and Examine a New Target-Specific Cytotoxic RNA For Use Against HIV
Xuanlin Li TN Conjectured Upper Bound of minimum-area triangles in no-three-in-line Situation
Burzin Balsara TX EyeMove: Using Electrooculography to Provide Mobility for the Disabled
Amit Banerjee TX Growth and Characterization of 2D Semiconductors: MoS2 and Application to Photodetectors
Christopher Botello TX The Investigation of the Evaporation Effect on On-Demand Cooling of Solar Panels
Ashish Chowdary TX Design of a Four Vector Shuttle System for Plant Transformation
Claire Gilmore TX The Accuracy of Differential Photometry of Star Magnitudes
Anagha Krishnan TX Novel Earth's Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Copper Chloride
Dara Li TX Enhanced Biological Hydrogen and Algal Biofuel Production from Ferredoxin Manipulations
Wenyao Li TX Using Nanoscale Interdigitated Electrode Arrays to Detect Biomolecules
Meghana Nadella TX The Potential use of Clay as a Biological Weapon in the war against Superbugs
Rachel Shi TX The Winner's Curse: Non-standard behavior in Online Auctions
Chandrasekhar Sundarrajan TX Nestin Linked to Net Proliferation in Infiltrating Brain Tumor Cells
Sydney Tay TX ALS Treatment of Riluzole is Enhanced by Nitric Oxide Inhibition
Aditya Vaidya TX Modeling the Spread and Control of a Contagion on Multiplex Social Networks
Megha Vyakaranam TX Synthesis of a Modified Metal Organic Framework for Gas Storage and Sensing
Valentina Lohr VA Targeted Nonlethal Disruption of Ultraviolet Photoprotection in M. aeruginosa
Shannon Miklandric VA The Effect of Various Purification Methods on Nitrate Levels in Drinking Water
Surabhi Mundada WA MyGlove: Assisting Hand Movements, Grip, and Tremor
Mehar Nallamalli WA NapX:  Safety Alert Mobile Application to Detect Drowsy Drivers