AJAS 2019 -- Research Titles by State   


First Last Acad Title
Qing Qing  He  CO-WY  Applying Crispr CAS9 to the Hair Follicle Neogenisis Implicated WNT10B Gene 
Loren  Rylander  CO-WY  Analysing Goat Browsing as a Form of Wildfire Mitigation and its Environmental Impact 
Anit  Tyagi  CO-WY  The Effect of WNT Signaling on the Production of Cancer Promoting Protein 
Delaney  Yehle  CO-WY  Analysing Goat Browsing as a Form of Wildfire Mitigation and its Environmental Impact 
Rodrigo  Castellon  FL  Deep Learning Control System Using an AirGapped Optical Input Stream 
Nicholas  DiStefano  FL  Improving Wound Healing by Reducing Nosocomial Infections 
Samantha  Jackson  FL  Testing the Efficacy of Mebendazole Induced Apoptosis in Pancreatic Cancer Cells 
Diya  Jayram  FL  Improving Early Intervention-Based Diabetes Treatment Using Medicinal Plants 
Eniya  Krishnaraj  FL  The Effect of Hinokitiol and Lemna minor on the Removal of Heavy Metals From Water 
Ryan  McKeever  FL  The Efficacy of Antimycotic Plants as Biopesticides Against Fungal Growth 
Guest  Ortega  FL  The Cellular Asthmatic Effects of Pichia kudriavzevii on Alveolar Epithelial Cells 
Ephraim  Oyetunji  FL  Increasing Caffeine Intake to Treat 
Parkinsonian Neurodegeneration in Flies 
Emily  Pallack  FL  Points of Vascularization for Scaffolds by Decidualizing Endometrial Stromal Cells 
Hemangi  Rajpal  FL  Novel Drug-Based, Emergency Treatment for Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Strokes 
Rajat  Ramesh  FL  The Genetic Engineering of Algae for Increased Efficiency as a Biofuel Source 
Sepehr  Asgari  IN  Engineering of a Fusion Protein Therapeutic to Combat E. coli K1 Meningitis 
Lara  Chuppe  IN  Effect of Amino Acid Supplementation on Regeneration Rate in Planarian Flatworm 
Arunadee  Fernando  IA  Can You Go Green If You "Meat" The Bacteria? 
Serenity   Haynes  IA  The Effect of UV Sterilization on Bacteria Cultures 
Pooja  Kasiviswanathan  IA  Farming on Mars 
Collin  Countryman  KS  Does Recyclable Waste Really Affect Plant Growth? 
Tucker  Leck  KS  Preventing Pumpkin Rot 
Thomas  Lushington  KS  Optimized TDP-43 Fibril Cappers as ALS Medicines 
Srinivasan  Madhavan  KS  Implementing a Crosslink Within Protective Antigen of B. anthracis 
Frances  Parker  KS  Optimized TDP-43 Fibril Cappers as ALS Medicines 
Sarvesh   Babu  KY  Analyzing EEGs Through Dimensionality Reduction for EEG Classification  
Arch  Drury  KY  The Examination of Heavy Metals Leaching From Fly Ash Concrete 
Betty  Ngo  KY  Perfectionism and Body Image Dissatisfaction in Adolescents  
Aysha  Puzhakkaraillath  KY  Exercise Mititgates Cognitive Impairment Due to Metabolic Dysregulation 
Rachel  Seevers  KY  Virtual Winglet: Novel Approach to Boundary Layer & Wingtip Vortex Manipulation 
Rojin  Shirwan  KY  Can the Immune System be Reprogrammed to Eradicate MS Using Novel Biologics?   
Ian  Bulovic  MA  Predicting Protein Secondary Structure with Neural Machine Translation 
Jiwon  Choi  MA  Bioink: Investigating the Mechanical Properties of Proteins for 3D Bioprinting 
Shubhecchha  Dhaurali  MA  Optical Monitoring of Muscle Hemodynamics in Humans After Exercise 
Christopher  Dwyer  MA  Analyzing Effect of Nitrogen Starvation vs Carbon Increase on Microalgal Lipids 
Emma  Keeler  MA  Bioprospecting for Benthic Fungi and Their Bactericidal Antibiotics  
Emma  Kelly  MA  Ovarian Cancer Pathogenesis Associated with Decreased Expression of Protein SLUG 
Rianna  Massoni  MA  The Effect of Tangerine Citric Acid on Pogonomyrmex barbatus 
Anoop  Patta  MA  Thyroid Hormone Detection System 
Joshua  Powers  MA  C. elegans Neuron Tracking: Neuron Dynamics that Drive Behavioral Food Response 
Akshaya  Ravikumar  MA  Accelerating Zika Virus Drug Discovery Using Chemogenomic Approaches 
Zoe  Rudnick  MA  Robot Navigation for the Exploration of Lunar and Planetary Surfaces 
Michele  Schremp  MA  Improving the Energy Produced by a Flexible Solar Cell 
Evan  Weissburg  MA  Predicting Protein Secondary Structure with Neural Machine Translation 
Paige  Ellefsen  MO  Exploring Ceramic Composites for Prosthetic Biofilm Reduction   
Hannah  Rogers  MO  The Potential Impact of Artificial Light on Libellulid Behavior and Feeding 
Je'anne  Wegner  MO  Exploring Supplemental Watering as a 
Mitigation to the Dendroctonus ponderosae  
Zoe  Peach-Riley  MT  HA Conjugated with Antioxidants for Treatment of CMV-induced Hearing Loss 
Amirtha  Arun  NE  A Novel Bifunctional Conjugate to Treat Neurodegenerative Disorders 
Morgan  Baker  NE  Effects of Pharmaceutical Waste on Daphnia magna 
Katie  Bathke  NE  The Effects of B. cereus as a Biological Control Agent on Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum 
Jasmine  Galvin  NE  Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics 
Bria  Gilmore  NE  The Impact of Personality on Perceived Stress  
Christina  Gilmore  NE  The Impact of Personality on Perceived Stress  
Hanna  Olson  NE  Efficacy of Fecal Hormone Metabolite 
Monitoring in the Screaming Hairy Armadillo 
Anjali  Pullabhotla  NE  Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Using Deep Feedforward Neural Networks 
Sydnie  Reeves  NE  Prevalence of Brain-Eating Roundworm 
Baylisascaris procyonis in Merrick County, NE 
Daniel  Stara  NE  Predicting Impact in Athletic Activities: A Systemic Approach to Prevent Injury 
Claire  Adner  NH  Microbeads for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Drug Delivery, Freeze-Cast Scaffold 
Matthew  Adner  NH  Developing an Economical Identification Method for Plastics of Unknown Origin 
Fiona  Barthel  NH  Generational Effects of Roundup and its Components on the Wild Type and DAF-9 C. elegans 
Eden Anne  Bauer  NH  Effects of Diphenhydramine on 
Neurotransmitters, Neurons, & Memory in C. elegans 
Morgan  Biele  NH  The Effect of Light Exposure on How Different Strains of C. elegans Learn 
Joseph  Blackburn  NH  The Effects of Radio-frequencies on Different Strains of C. elegans  
Elizabeth  Dixon  NH  Investigating the Efficacy of Herbal Medicinals on Parasitic Worm Infections 
Katherine  Duan  NH  Effects of a Disrupted Circadian rhythm on C. 
elegans Longevity and Egg Laying 
Emily  Gaw  NH  The Effects of Glucose & Insulin Shock on Lifespan & Activity Rates in C. elegans 
Alisa  Halchenko  NH  The Effects of Acetaminophen on C. elegans Longevity and Egg Count 
Emma  Herndon  NH  Generational Effects of Roundup and its Components on the Wild Type and DAF-9 C. elegans 
Leanna  Kish  NH  The Impact of JUUL E-Liquid and Components on Caenorhabditis elegans 
Alexander  Kish  NH  The Impact of Leached Water From Plastic Bottles on Daphnia magna 
Shreya  Nagri  NH  The Pursuit of Happiness: The Effect of Herbs on Serotonin-Deficient C. elegans 
Saia  Patel  NH  Motility of Dopamine & Serotonin-Deficient C. 
elegans in Fed & Starved Condition 
Fiona  Sweeney  NH  Microbial Regulation Of Heat Stress Response In Caenorhabditis elegans 
Emma  Tysinger  NH  IGF-1 Signaling Pathway and the Epigenetic Memory of Thermotolerance in C.elegans 
Sathya  Edamadaka  NJ  RPAL: High-Efficiency Photovoltaic System Using Tunable Plasmonic Nanostructures 
Ananth  Koppol  NJ  A Machine Learning Program to Detect Speech Patterns of Autistic Children 
Katherine  Liu  NJ  Virtual Screening Compounds to Discover EAAT2 Agonists for Trigeminal Neuralgia  
Daphne  Yang  NJ  The Effects of Playing a Musical Instrument on Multitasking Ability 
Claudia  Zhang  NJ  Examining Duckweed's Potential As a Source of Biofuel 
Daniel  Betensky  NY  The Role of the C2C Protein Domain in the Synaptic Hub Protein UNC-13 
Leanne  Chen   NY  Modelling Molecular Stress Mechanisms in Urbanized Species 
Obioha  Chijioke  NY  Phylogenetic Approaches to Understanding Stress Response in Wild Populations 
Madeline  Foley  NY  Role of Suicide in Opioid Overdose Deaths 
Michael  Maffezzoli  NY  Nutrient Removal from Surface Runoff through Microbial Analysis 
Madeleine  Noah  NY  Do Trees Learn? Epigenetic Adaptation During Maturation in an Arctic Species 
Leonidas  Pappajohn  NY  The Heat is On: Epigenetics and Climate Change-Associated Competition 
Shae  Simpson  NY  The Walking Forest: An Epigenetic Study of Arctic Spruce at Treeline 
Knut  Vanderbush  NY  The Walking Forest: An Epigenetic Study of Arctic Spruce at Treeline 
Evan  Ayers  NC  The Flammability of Cotton Balls After the Application of Various Substances 
Candace  Britt  NC  The Effect of Music on Working Memory in High School Students 
Ria  Chheda  NC  Analyzing the Gulf of Mexico Deadzone by Modeling Variations in the Mississippi 
Cullen  Duval  NC  Isolation of Entomopathogenic Fungi and Evaluation for Mosquito Control 
Rennica  Huang  NC  Rhamnolipids and Tobramycin Co-Treatment on Various Bacterial Strains 
Aakriti  Lakshmanan  NC  A Study on the Coagulating Properties of the Moringa Oleifera Seed  
Ana  Ratanaphruks  NC  Get a Grip: Creating Soft Robotic Grippers via Self-folding by Infrared Activation 
Emily  Trusler  NC  Isolation of Entomopathogenic Fungi and Evaluation for Mosquito Control 
Neel  Agarwal  OH  Modeling The Prescription Drug Epidemic With Mathematical Functions 
Parker  Ernst  OH  Protection of Retinal Cells from Light-Induced Apoptosis 
Claudia  Hamilton  OH  Biodegradable Artificial Blood Vessel: A Breakthrough in Tissue Engineering 
Ajeet  Kalepi  OH  Smart Insulin 
Caroline  Karbowski  OH  Droplet Vitrification: A Viable 
Cryopreservation Method for Selected Pawpaw Species 
Sai Siddhi  Karnati  OH  The role of KLF3 in the Pathogenesis of a C. 
elegans Parkinson's Model 
Nikhita  Kumar  OH  Effects of Alcohol Exposure on Coronaries and Innervation of the Developing Heart 
Sinead  Li  OH  Family History of Other Cancers on Breast Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis 
Simran  Patwa  OH  Gene Expression (Zfp407+Zbtb9) in Relation to Glut4 During Fasting and Refeeding 
Bryan   Rego  OH  The Occurrence of Microplastic Uptake by Perch, Walleye, and Unionid Mussels 
Kayla  Reidy  OH  Effectiveness of Common Surface Cleaning Products to Remove Peanut Residue 
Katherine  Wang  OH  Site Specific Response of Macrophages to Peripheral Nerve Injury 
Alison  Xin  OH  Computational Predictions in the Design of Affinity-Based Drug Delivery 
Angela  Zhu  OH  Effect of Alcohol Exposure on Coronaries and Innervation of the Developing Heart 
Braden  Milford  OK  The Development of a Novel Heavy Metal Bioremediation System 
Erika  Ravitch  OK  Relationships Between Hospital Acquired Infections and Patient Epidemiology 
Emily  Meinert  PA  Mycoremediation and Phytoremediation with Fracking Fluids 
Nico  Adamo  SC  The Relationship Between Conductor and Discriminant of an Elliptic Curve over Q 
Maeghan  Ainsworth  SC  Analyzing the Effect of Weather on Solar Evacuated Tubes 
Casey  Carter  SC  Enhancing The Biomechanical Design of 
Football Helmets (Concussion Prevention)   Part 3 
Emily  Giep  SC  Effects of Estrogen and Phytoestrogen on MCF7 Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines 
Caitlin  Kunchur  SC  Studying Various Acoustical Environments and Effects on Listening Comprehension 
Caroline  Quan  SC  The effect of vinegar and water on the release of nickel in stainless steel cups 
Abhimanyu   Sailesh  SC  The Effect of Galangin on the Cell Viability of MCF-7 Cells Exposed to PAHs   
Chelse  VanAtter  SC  Epha4b Expression in the Craniofacial Development of African Cichlid Fishes 
Samuel  Buckley- So-CA  Applying the Lotka-Volterra Model to the Dynamics of Chemical Reaction Networks 
Alison  Cover  So-CA  Vascularization of Male Blue Rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) Urinary Bladders 
Sidonie  Horn  So-CA  California Scrub Jay and Eastern Fox Squirrel Presence within the Baldwin Hills 
Patrick  Kim  So-CA  Optimizing a Microalgal Wastewater 
  Photobioreactor for Carbon Sequestration 
Stanley  Liu  So-CA  Development of Microfluidic Devices for Plasma Separation from Blood Samples 
Patrick  Liu  So-CA  ICORDISX: Smartphone-Based Personalized Cardiac Monitoring  
Tai  Michaels  So-CA  Effect of Short Fire Return Intervals on Plant Diversity, Invasion and Fire Risk 
Jade  Morris  So-CA  The Relationship Between a New Copepod Species and Local Pagurid Hermit Crabs 
Emily  Wesel  So-CA  Efficient Binomial Channel Capacity Applied to Molecular Communication 
Myoungjun   Yun  So-CA  N100 and P50 Suppression in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: Effects of Time 
Michael  Montoya  TN  Effects of Disturbance on Invertebrate Diversity in Cedar Glade Habitats 
Ryne  Montoya  TN  The Effects of Disturbance on Invertebrate Diversity In Cedar Glade Habitats 
Clifford  Syner  WI  Arduino Eye 
Charles  Hou  TX  Increasing the Efficiency of Voltaic Cell Batteries Using Graphene Nanoplatelets 
Rachel  Mammen  TX  Pectin Based Moisture Modulators Effect on Soil Moisture Retention and Plant Growth 
Deepti  Nandakumar  TX  Transolar Tower: A Novel Method of 
  Generating and Transmitting Solar Energy 
Pranav  Nathan  TX  A 6-Axis Robot with Machine Vision to Solve the Migrant Worker Crisis 
John  Rho  TX  Cost-Effective Air Pollution Remediation Through a Trash-Derived Apparatus 
Alay  Shah  TX  Low-Cost Biomarker for Eye Pattern 
  Localization in Neurodegenerative Disorders 
Rishi  Shridharan  TX  A Novel Oligodendrocyte Maturation Model for Demyelinating Disorders 
Andrei  Spiride  TX  A Low Cost Upper Limb Exoskeleton for 
  Rehabilitation and Arm Movement Assistance 
Nicholas  Zhong  TX  Flexible Thin-Film Thermoacoustic Speaker 
  Using Carbon Nanotubes for Wearable Sensors 
Raaga   Vullikanti  VA  Peptide Nucleic Acids as Potential Designer Antimicrobials 
Sabrina  Ye  VA  The Effect of Trimethylamine-N-Oxide on Prevention of Protein Aggregation 
Nikhil  Devanathan  WA  Aware Of Air: Measuring Local Air Quality Using Portable Arduino-Based Sensors 
Ronit  Jain  WA  Morphological & Molecular Analysis of 
  Pharmaceutical Aquatic Contaminant Toxicity 
Savitha  Srinivasan  WA  Development of Semi-Supervised Machine 
  Learning Models to Predict Enhancer Regions 
Verona  Yue  WA  An optogenetics Approach: The Memory Formation Affected by GABA and ACH