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American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS)

"A life-changing experience"

Vedant, AJAS ‘23

“AJAS was a life-changing experience. Every part of the day was filled with exciting and unique opportunities to connect with peers, visit
university labs, understand what a career in science could mean, and listen to meaningful keynote speakers. One event in particular that I
really enjoyed was the Breakfast with Scientists. Getting to talk to people in the field was eye opening and made me even more confident that
I want to pursue STEM in the future as a career path. The final dinner was especially fascinating, getting to hear from Dr. William D.
Phillips, recipient of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics about his experiences in the field, was the pinnacle of the AJAS experience. I
believe every STEM student should have a chance to participate in AJAS and learn what it’s like to be a scientist and interact with others who
have the same interests as them.”

Rishi, AJAS '23, freshman at Harvard

"AJAS was a true inspiration for me. Having initial exposure to some of the leading national institutions in STEM alongside some of the greatest
young scientists truly put into perspective that a future in STEM was both exciting and possible. AJAS affirmed my intention to pursue
research in college and postgrad. Not only did a week in DC allow me to create some new life-long friends in STEM, but it inspired me to explore
both government and private sectors to explore my research interests further and use them to bring positive change to our society. My
favorite event was Breakfast with Scientists, where I connected with several mentors, one of whom I am still in touch with today receiving
life advice and guidance around biotech. AJAS was an incredible opportunity, and while I may not remember every event that we had, I
will forever remember the feeling of inspiration and pride I felt being in and around STEM."

Anjali, AJAS '23, research intern at Stanford University

"AJAS in Washington DC was truly an incredible experience--it gave me the opportunity to meet and network with so many inspirational,
passionate peers from around the country who were also pursuing complex research puzzles. Beyond that, it was such a unique, worthwhile
experience to be able to hear from Bill Phillips, a 1977 Nobel Prize Winner in physics, as well as from AJAS alum about their continued
research endeavors through college and beyond, having used AJAS as a kickoff point. I also appreciated the opportunity to tour a biotech
company and be able to do some hands-on intro to immunology and virology lab work. More than anything else though, the experience of traveling
and attending the conference with a small cohort of my friends and advisors from back home was priceless--we created so many precious
memories, and, as a bonus, we used the trip as an opportunity to tour important sites in DC like the National Holocaust Museum and the US
monuments, neither of which I'd seen before."

Ourania, AJAS ’23, freshman at Princeton

"Not only was I able to connect with a bunch of young scientists and explore their work and experiences, but AJAS gave me the opportunity to
learn more about my future as a scientist and what I wanted to do. I never would have thought I would meet someone as brilliant, prolific,
and eager to share his work as Dr. Bill Phillips, the 1997 Nobel Prize recipient in physics. My conversation with Dr. Phillips is something I
will continue to cherish as it helped me not only learn more about the strangeness of atomic physics, but it helped me realize that I would
love to continue with the field. Now, as a freshman at Princeton, I reached out to Dr. Phillips to ask for advice on how to get involved in
research here and he very kindly responded. I am forever grateful to AJAS for providing me with this opportunity to meet and connect with Dr.
Phillips. Overall, the staff was wonderful and I wish I had the chance to go again. I hope that many more young scientists may continue to
attend AJAS and experience the wealth of opportunity they have to offer."

Evan, AJAS '23, freshman at University of Washington

"To simply put it, AJAS was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Over the course of five days, I was able to visit some of the most advanced
scientific laboratories around the nation like NIST, in which I got the chance to observe one of the world's most accurate measuring devices of
the gravitational constant. and researches on the future of cyber security. The breakfast with scientists was also incredibly eye opening
and full of knowledge. I was able to connect with a statistics professor at george washington university, and learn from him the role of
statistics in computer science as well. I think AJAS is a wonderful place for young, ambitious STEM students to find their passion and

Zoe, AJAS '20, Junior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

US national winner of Stockholm Junior Water Prize

"AJAS was a wonderful experience for me. I was able to meet with other young scientists and bond with people that to this day, I keep in touch
with! The social aspect of this program is just so important—I felt as though I was able to genuinely connect with other young scientists at a
critical time for deciding my future path. I also felt so connected to the ‘real world’ of science through being able to see what AAAS meetings
really look like! AJAS was an amazing opportunity for me, and part of why I’m still pursuing a career in research. I hope that every young
researcher has an opportunity to participate in a program like this."

Kevin, AJAS '23

"Participating in the American Junior Academy of Science has been a wonderful opportunity to share my research and passion for science and
engineering with other like-minded students. I felt that my work was valued and my passion for aircraft and engineering (my research subject)
was appreciated, which is something that I had rarely experienced before attending AJAS. The recognition and honor have also been incredibly
encouraging for me to continue working hard on real, impactful research, even when it seems impossible for a high schooler like myself. If I
continue to do scientific and engineering work throughout my life, I will always remember AJAS as that first little bit of priceless
encouragement that sent me on my way."

Pinyu, AJAS Fellow 23, Freshman at Stanford University

"Participating in AJAS was one of the best experiences in my life. Through AJAS, I got the opportunity to attend my first large, in-person
scientific conference, while gaining a wealth of support and resources even before the event to refine my research skills and knowledge -
everything from a mentor to refine my abstract to sessions on making scientific posters! I also had such an incredible and fun experience at
D.C., including the chance to tour labs and the Smithsonian Museum, which truly was an incredibly memorable and life-changing experience.
Most of all, I've met some of the most genuine, passionate, and wonderful people through AJAS, including some friends from AJAS who are
now my best friends in college. Because of this, I've told pretty much every student interested in STEM to get involved in the science fair
community, because I genuinely believe AJAS has been one of the best opportunities in my life - and I really hope this experience will
continue to be here for students for years to come!"
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