NAAS Board of Directors


2022-2023 Board of Directors

Amanda Fuller, President (2021-2023)
Dr. Michael Strauss, Past - President (2021-2023)
Dr. David Torain II, President-Elect (2021-2023)
Lei Zhang, Secretary (2022-2024)
Ernest Schiller, Treasurer (2022-2025)
Philip Winchell, Archivist, Interim AJAS Director (2020-2023)
Donna Gerardi Riordan, Delegate to AAAS Council (2022-2024)
Suzanne Thurston, AAAS Delegate to NAAS
Se Jeong, Webmaster (2021-2024)
Gary Foss, Newsletter Editor (2022-2025)
Dr. Michael Cohen, Member at Large (2020-2023)
Dr. David Bass, Member at Large (2022-2025)
Dr. John Nemeth, Member at Large (2021-2024)
Michael T. Roche, Member at Large (2020-2023)
Preston MacDougall, Member at Large (2022-2025)
John Kaup, Member at Large (2022-2025)