Our Value Proposition

to empower, enhance, serve, and support state and regional academies of science, including the activities of the American Junior Academy of Science. 

to foster science and technology leadership, learning, and literacy in state and regional communities.

Engagement, Professional Development, Empowerment, and Dedication
The NAAS encompasses dozens of state and regional Academies of Science. Promoting and acting upon our objectives, NAAS Member Academies seek to engage in their localities and elsewhere acting with their partners, such as AAAS, Sigma Xi, and CUR, to promote and execute excellence and equity in science and technology education, research, and policy development.
The following are examples of the sorts of activities and benefits that the NAAS seeks to sponsor and encourage both within NAAS Member Academies, as well as through partnership.

Partnership Activities
  • Leverage organizational strengths to influence and uphold commonly held issues and values
  • Provide a forum to share best practices and hold a platform for Academies to connect and collaborate
  • Offer broad-based networking opportunities, including conducting joint meetings, symposia, and conferences
  • Create networks around common interests and goals
  • Operate and grow the American Junior Academy of Science to provide opportunities for emerging scientists
  • Cultivate the next generation of scientists and connect them to scientist mentors
  • Propose joint projects and hold joint media events
  • Partner on social media strategies – share, repost, identify best practices
  • Write and/or be a signatory to letters on policy issues
  • Inform policymakers in local, state, and national government
  • Offer policy statements for media distribution
Benefits for Philanthropic Partners
  • Leverage the reach of NAAS to achieve one’s organizational goals
  • Fund special research projects
  • Fund student or young faculty advancement in education and research