NAAS Strategic Plan

From 2021-2022, a strategic plan was created to help organize the vision for the future of NAAS. Through the process, NAAS leadership developed new guiding principles and strategic priorities for the next 3-5 years. Our updated mission is to empower, enhance, serve, and support state and regional academies of science, including the activities of the American Junior Academy of Science. The updated vision of NAAS is to foster science and technology leadership, learning, and literacy in state and regional communities. Finally, the core values of NAAS moving forward will be Engagement, Professional Development, Empowerment, and Dedication

In order to implement the vision and mission of NAAS, our strategic plan has created a set of 4 major strategic goals.

  1. Member Academies: To improve communication, foster collaborations, and develop resources for state and regional academies of science
  2. Partnerships: To actively engage and build formal partnerships with like-minded and complementary organizations
  3. AJAS: Continue the legacy of the AJAS and promote excellence in the next generation of science and technology professionals as well as expand the accessibility to more students
  4. Governance: Prepare for the future by modernizing governance documents and structure, building fundraising capacity, and hiring support staff

Up next, the NAAS board will develop working groups to begin implementing the strategic plan. NAAS will use this strategic plan to help state academies’ administrative and financial needs, understand the needs for AJAS and collaboration, and ensure strategies for expansion. By 2025, we aim to update the strategic plan as necessary. 

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